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Hampton Roads, Virginia is a metropolitan region made up of fifteen individual jurisdictions that includes Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Hampton.

As each of the jurisdictions within the peninsula contributes to the historical diversity of the region and residents, visitors and tourist are enriched in many ways by the overall experience the combined community has to offer. Hampton Roads also consists of the world’s largest natural harbor and hundreds of historical sites and attractions.

Exploring the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay, admiring the picturesque river views, botanical gardens, and wildlife refuges, it is easy to understand why so many people have chosen to call this place home.

The Hampton Roads region has not been isolated from economic challenges. As the rest of the country is in recovery mode from the recession, Hampton Roads has experienced company closures, but continues to see less unemployment claims, quickening in retail spending, and an increase in housing permits.

The area has a large port-related economic base and approximately one quarter of the active-duty military personnel are stationed in the Hampton Roads region.

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Since the 1950s, Hampton Roads has evolved into a region boasting, as of the 2010 census, of approximately 1.8 million residents, and is the seventh largest metropolitan area of the Southeastern United States. According to reliable sources, median sales price for homes in the area, for the most recent quarter, vary at $194,205 to $218,052, and the area is experiencing increases in home values.

There are numerous options for higher education in the region including public, private, technical, and religious institutions. Hampton Roads, Virginia is also the home to Fortune 500 companies and is a well-rounded community that offers many family-friendly attractions that are both educational and entertaining.

Each of the individual cities have something uniquely distinctive to offer. The Historic Triangle includes Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and award-winning golf courses. The coastal cities offer free seasonal events, an array of outdoor activities, and popular sites that include Hampton Roads Naval Museum, Virginia Zoological Park, and the Cape Henry Lighthouses.

The summer season in Norfolk presents the perfect opportunity to view bottlenose dolphins, take a pontoon boat to the salt marsh or visit sharks, whales and harbor seals in the aquarium and marine science center. The Hampton Roads region is diverse group of communities featuring a variety of places to live, work and play. The area has an assortment of commercial and retail centers that are in line with commercial real estate trends of combining traditional retail functions with leisurely amenities, making it fantastic environment for all ages.

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